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Our commitment to CO2 reduction

The emission of CO2 gases contributes directly to climate change and therefore to global warming and the rise of the water level. The complex consequences of this create challenges for entire communities, agriculture and the availability of raw materials. A shared responsibility that we need to find solutions for together.

Q-PALL contributes to this. Within the industry in which we operate, we promote the most efficient use of energy, in order to reduce both CO2 emissions and costs. We focus on transport, because that is where biggest gains can be made. The transport of plastic pallets is responsible for more than 80% of the CO2 emissions of this industry.

Our original goal for 2020 was to, in addition to a growth in volume, reduce the CO2 emissions per transported pallet by 60%.

Today, our pallets are produced where they are needed by moving the mould to the nearest European production site. This efficient system reduces the CO2 emissions and transportation costs to a minimum. In addition, at the end of the life cycle, the materials of our products are reused. This way, we minimise the CO2 reduction of Q-PALL pallets in all steps of the process, from production to recycling.