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A special feature of our display pallets is their sustainable character. A display pallet is usually intended for single use and then suitable for full recycling. Q-Pall can also take care of this for you. As a reliable partner, we control the entire chain – from engineering to local production and from distribution to recycling. This way, we create the best possible mix of conditions in the field of sustainability, cost efficiency and the environment.


Of course, buying display pallets at Q-Pall comes with several other advantages. For example, our plastic products distinguish themselves in their combination of light weight and high strength. This results in a higher ‘net’ load capacity, a longer service life, lower CO2 emissions and lower fuel costs.

In short: by purchasing our display pallets, you are saving both the environment and your wallet. The pallets’ modest carbon footprint fits perfectly with an operational management that revolves around Corporate Social Responsibility. Finally, there are important benefits in terms of hygiene and spread of disease: there is no risk of pests and bacteria, as is the case with wooden pallets.


Q-Pall offers display pallets in various sizes. The most popular sizes are 400 x 600 mm and 600 x 800 mm. Among other things, you can also choose between variants with bottom boards or with feet. In the latter case, the pallets are also nestable. This makes it easy to stack them on top of each other and slide them into each other before or after use, so that they hardly take up any space.

Also highly appreciated by our customers are the various design options for your order. For example, you can choose a version with anti-slip, a desired RAL colour, printing with logo or text, fire-retardant properties or ESD-safe (Electro Static Discharge). You can also choose a product with or without a border.


Whatever pallet variant you choose, with Q-Pall, you are always assured of the highest quality products. This is further underlined by the fact that our display pallets comply with the strictest European legislation. This avoids unexpected high costs and gives you the certainty of trouble-free import and export.

Would you like to know more about our display pallets? Our helpful advisors are happy to answer your questions regarding product specifications, cost efficiency and sustainability. If desired, you can also receive a customised quote without obligation. For more information, please contact us via sales@qpall.com or call us at + 31413 353 111.