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If you need pallets, it is important that you consider what you are going to use the pallets for. What is the load, how is transport arranged and are the plastic pallets used for storage? When it is clear what kind of pallets you need, the next question comes into play. Do you want new pallets or do you opt for used plastic pallets? We are happy to help you make this choice and are therefore happy to point out the benefits.

On our new website Qusedpallets.com you can browse our actual stock of used plastic pallets in a wide range of pallet styles.

From Display Pallets, which are ideal for point of sale applications and space saving nestable pallets, to reusable euro plastic pallets and hygienic pallets, which meet the stringent requirements of food and pharmaceutical applications as well as coming in a range of colours.


Give used pallets a second life. In addition to financial considerations, you can also choose used plastic pallets because you consider sustainable business to be of paramount importance to you. You have an eye for the environment and you want to waste as little as possible. Then the choice for the used plastic pallet is a logical choice. When you reuse plastic pallets, the environment is less burdened. In this way you build a socially responsible appearance.