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Stacking pallets: Can plastic pallets be stacked?

Stacking pallets using plastic pallets, is that possible? What does the storage of your enterprise look like? Do you have a warehouse in combination with office space, do you use the outside area as a storage location or do you...

Why companies opt for plastic pallets!

3 reasons for using plastic pallets Anyone who transports goods or needs to store them, will usually make use of pallets. These basic-looking plateaus were designed specifically to conveniently stack and transport goods. In addition to wooden pallets, also plastic...


Why choose plastic pallets instead of wood?

Pallets are a universal object used everywhere in the world for the placement and transport of goods. Sometimes it is even used as a transport unit. This allows for pallets to be traded. They come in various shapes, materials...


Which plastic pallets best suits your wishes?

Plastic pallets are used for various purposes. This means plastic pallets come in a wide range of options, all developed to optimally function for the purpose the pallet will be used for. Are you thinking of buying pallets? Then...


Recycling plastic pallets, how does it work?

One of the reasons Q-Pall chooses to produce plastic pallets, is the sustainability angle. Not only do plastic pallets have a longer lifespan, but the pallets can also be recycled. This is good for the environment, which automatically makes...


What plastic pallets fit your industry?

Plastic pallets are increasingly used in all kinds of industries, and for good reason. Plastic pallets offer significant advantages. But not every pallet is suitable for any type of use and load. There are different types of pallets for...


This is how you properly clean plastic pallets

Cleaning pallets can be a difficult task. Some plastic pallets have corners and seams that are difficult to access and clean. The great advantage of using plastic pallets is that they are very robust, so it is no problem...


Plastic drip trays, what are they used for?

With the storage or transport of hazardous substances or oil, there is a risk of leakage of the substances. It goes without saying that this is undesirable. Coming into contact with these poses a risk to the environment, goods,...


Pallet collars, what are the options?

You use plastic pallets for the storage and transport of your products. This is probably a conscious choice, because plastic pallets are hygienic and sturdy. Sometimes, something still goes wrong because the load on the pallet is not stable...


The regulations surrounding (plastic) pallets

When purchasing pallets, you can choose from wooden or plastic pallets. The option of replacing wooden pallets with plastic pallets came out of the developments surrounding sustainability, cost efficiency, and environmental considerations. Society is becoming more and more aware...


What exactly are H1 pallets?

Pallets are suitable for the transport and storage of all sorts of products. But some products have specific features that need to be taken into account in transport and storage. Think of refrigerated products that are perishable if the...