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Hygienic pallets, what’s that about?

There are many kinds of pallets. Especially when it comes to plastic pallets, a very wide range is available. They are suitable for the transport and storage of very diverse products. Therefore, it is important that when choosing a...


Why choose used pallets?

When you need pallets, it is important to consider what you will use them for. What is the load, how is the transport arranged, and will the plastic pallets be used for storage? Once it becomes clear what type...


Anti-slip pallets, are they mandatory?

Plastics pallets are intended for the storage and transportation of goods and products. The pallets are used so the load is not damaged. But if there is a slippery load on the plastic pallets, you run the risk of...


The ease and advantages of anti-static pallets

Plastic pallets are used to store and transport goods and products correctly. You carefully select a pallet so that the product is not damaged, in any way whatsoever. The quality is not allowed to suffer. But sometimes the load...

gebruikte pallet

3 common types of used pallets

If you choose plastic pallets, you automatically choose sustainability, because plastic pallets are often made from fully recycled plastic, such as sturdy plastic caps from soda bottles. In addition, you can choose to purchase used plastic pallets. The price...