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Pallet collars, what are the options?


Pallet collars, what are the options?

You use plastic pallets for the storage and transport of your products. This is probably a conscious choice, because plastic pallets are hygienic and sturdy. Sometimes, something still goes wrong because the load on the pallet is not stable enough. This increases the risk of damage, often resulting in loss or additional costs for cleaning and repair, for example. This is something you do not want. Fortunately, there are various measures you can take to avoid this as much as possible. Read more about these measures below.

Wrapping or proper stacking

You need to store your products and are using the right plastic pallets. Of course, the pallets are properly stored. One of the possibilities to ensure good and stable storage is stacking the load and properly placing the pallets. On a good substrate, of course. It is often possible to wrap the load in the pallet with stretch film. This wraps the goods on the pallet in a clear film. Due to its transparency, the load on the pallet remains easily visible. The disadvantage is that the film is for single use, which means it is not sustainable or environmentally friendly.

Plastic pallet collars

Are you a responsible entrepreneur? Then you want to minimise loss of goods due to damage during storage and transport. This avoids additional costs. By using pallet collars, you reduce the chance of such damage. Pallet collars for plastic pallets protect your goods on the pallet from damage due to shifts and bumps during transport. Moreover, the pallet collars provide additional stability during storage. By stacking multiple pallet collars on top of each other, you can determine the height. With a pallet collar, you can easily turn a pallet into a box.

Conscious and space-saving

Entrepreneurship is about making choices. One of the choices you can make is that you take your costs into account in combination with the environment. Plastic pallet collars are reusable. This means you can use the pallet collars multiple times, which minimises the waste of raw materials. When using pallet collars, you automatically choose a sustainable product. Moreover, they are available in different sizes, which means they seamlessly fit on various pallets. The plastic collars can be folded, which means they take up little storage space.

Do you want to know more about our plastic pallet collars? Or do you have other questions regarding our range and the possibilities? Feel free to contact us for more information. We are happy to assist you with personal advice.

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