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Plastic drip trays, what are they used for?


Plastic drip trays, what are they used for?

With the storage or transport of hazardous substances or oil, there is a risk of leakage of the substances. It goes without saying that this is undesirable. Coming into contact with these poses a risk to the environment, goods, and the persons working with it. But even non-hazardous liquid substances can cause damage. Plastic drip trays are a solution for collection of the substances. Continue reading if you want to know more.


During transport of liquids, there is a risk of leakage, even if the transport occurs very carefully. When transferring the liquid substances, leakage can occur due to the movement. This can cause damage to the storage material or to the machines that provide the transportation. This is something you would rather prevent; after all, it results in additional costs. There can also be factors that cause leakage during storage. By placing the liquids in a plastic drip tray, you ensure that the liquid is collected in the drip tray. This prevents damage and makes the liquid easy to clean up. Even if you store or transport the liquids in material that seals very well, leakage is still possible. Although the use of a plastic drip tray is not mandatory with these liquids, that way, you do not need to worry about it.

Hazardous substances and oil

In addition to non-hazardous liquid substances, there are also hazardous liquid substances and oil. These products are often transported or stored. Leakage of these can cause damage to the environment and the goods that come into contact with it. Moreover, it poses serious danger to people who come into contact with the leaked substance. If you work with these substances, it is often logical to think about the risks. In addition, the use of a plastic drip tray is mandatory for these substances. The solution is simple and applicable to many substances. You want to ensure that your substances go from one place to another safely and without spillage. The storage of oil or hazardous substances in a plastic drip tray also ensures that the leaked substance is collected safely.

Taking responsibility

The use of plastic drip trays is recommended if you work with liquids. With the storage of hazardous substances and oil, plastic drip trays are mandatory. But with non-hazardous liquids that only take   cleaning cost time when leaked, it is also recommended to use the drip trays. The plastic drip trays can be used during transport and storage. The Q-Pall plastic drip trays are of excellent quality and available in different versions.

Do you want advice on what plastic drip tray is suitable for your business? Or do you have other questions regarding our range? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you!

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