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Transport and storage of water bottles; this is how it is done


Transport and storage of water bottles; this is how it is done

Some products are easier to transport than others. This could depend on the weight, or the vulnerability and sometimes even the shape. And in some cases it is a combination of those three. An example of such a product is the large water bottle. One that is placed in a cooler. Ensuring transport and storage of these plastic bottles, in a way that they will not get damaged, can be quite a challenge and requires specific material. How can this be done safely and responsibly?

Water is healthy

You will frequently notice them. The water cooler can be found in many places. In the hospitality branch, but also in offices, shops and waiting rooms. This is rather logical, because people need water. In fact water is the no. 1 basic need for people. Human beings consist of around 70% of water and it is important to drink enough water. The guideline is that you need at least 2 litres of water to stay fit and healthy. Therefore, it is no surprise that water coolers can be found increasingly more often in business environments, at work. And if this concerns a water cooler with bottles of water, then a water pipe connection is not required and pure, cooled water will be available all the time.

Plastic water bottle holder (Bottle Guard)

The water from the water cooler is found in large plastic water bottles. They are quite heavy and rather large in size. This also makes them vulnerable. It means that additional attention should be given regarding safe transport and storage. A broken bottle means extra costs and that is something no one wants. Q-Pall has pondered over this issue and came up with the idea of a special plastic pallet. When you need to transport or store the water bottles, the water bottle holder is an excellent solution. Using this plastic water bottle holder (Bottle Guard) you make sure that the water bottles will be transported and stored as efficiently as possible.

Safe transport and proper storage

Using these pallets, you will find that they are stackable, which is a great advantage. The water bottle holder (Bottle Guard) is available in two variants with regard to which the stacking height varies (6 or 7 pallets high). By placing the water bottles in the special plastic holder, the water bottles are secured. This makes it harder for them to fall over and thus the risk of loss is being reduced. So, the water bottle holder is a pallet, made especially to transport and store water bottles as efficiently as possible. Just as the other Q-Pall pallets, also the water bottle holders are made of plastic. This makes them solid, durable and practical to use.

Do you have any question about these plastic water bottle holders? Or do you have questions in relation to other pallets and products from our assortment or the possibilities of customisation? Then feel free to contact us for more information. We will be happy to provide personal advice!

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