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What plastic pallets fit your industry?


What plastic pallets fit your industry?

Plastic pallets are increasingly used in all kinds of industries, and for good reason. Plastic pallets offer significant advantages. But not every pallet is suitable for any type of use and load. There are different types of pallets for various applications. Below, we explain what plastic pallet is best for your industry.

Hygienic pallets for the food industry

Are you active in the food industry? Then the risk of nuisances such as pests, bacteria, and fungi are significant. These nuisances are all but desirable in a so-called HACCP environment. By using the food pallet, also known as the hygienic pallet, you reduce this risk. The display is made so that there are no spaces or seams where dirt can accumulate. Moreover, these pallets have a fully smooth design, which reduces the chance of any unwanted guests.

The retail works with the Display pallet

Shops and supermarkets often use the display pallet. During transport from manufacturer to retailer, products often do not need to be transhipped. This saves time and reduces the risk of damage. The plastic display pallet is available in various sizes and designs. Load capacity and design play an important role in the selection process.

Exporting made easier with Export pallets

If you export products abroad, you have to deal with lots of regulations, including relating to the use of pallets. By using export pallets, you make exporting products a lot simpler. These pallets do not need to be treated for pests, which saves significant costs. Because this treatment is not necessary, you do not need a treatment certificate. The advantage of this is that you do not run the risk of the document expiring if the export process is delayed unexpectedly. The export pallets are available in various models and as light, medium, and heavy versions.

Versatile Chemical Pallet

The chemical pallet was originally developed for the European chemical and plastic industries. Nowadays, chemical pallets are not only used in the chemical industry, but in many other industries as well. Think of using them to move drums with certain liquids, bagged goods, octabins, and so-called big-bags. Big-bags are mainly used for transporting raw materials such as powders and other fine materials in granular form.

Large water bottles fit in water bottle holder

Finally, we have a pallet that is especially designed to transport and store water bottles as efficiently as possible. Just like the other pallets, the water bottle holder is made of plastic. If you produce large water bottles, this pallet is ideal for you. The pallet is solid, durable, and practical in use.

Would you like to know more about plastic pallets and all extras or variants? Feel free to  contact  us for more information. 

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