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plastic pallet 40 x 48 closed deck 6 runners

New 48” x 40” medium pallet first in a new line of improved plastic pallets specially designed for the US market

Recently Q-Pall introduced its first in a new line of strongly improved plastic pallets specially designed for the US market, which again excel in an optimal balance between price and performance. Plastic pallets demand in the US is driven by consumer interest in the use of plastic pallets because of their performance qualities.

The new 1020 x 1220 mm pallets come with a number of improved features. Rounded corners for a smooth transition, which in turn is good for automated transport systems. This minimises the risk of pallets being stuck or damaged, which happens often to wooden pallets.

Bevelled inside corners of the entire pallet profile prevent forks on forklifts getting stuck, which would interrupt the logistics process and cause additional costs. This means a huge safety advantage, because the pallets can move more easily without dragging them across the floor. The improved sturdiness with newly designed corner pins is completely unique. Special stackable ridges in the four corners of the pallet allow for easy and safe stacking.

The new pallet is available with either an open or a closed top deck. The pallet with a 90% closed top deck can also be used as a hygienic pallet, because the optimal conditions are observed during the entire processing.

The unique design of open and closed top decks also means that the new pallet can be cleaned easily and quickly. And like all other medium plastic pallets, this newly developed pallet is strong, robust, and offers a reliable and consistent performance.

Bjorn Oosterhof, CEO of Q-Pall, says, “Our plastic pallets have been the favourite choice for many companies since our start in 2005. We have seen an extremely demand driven by consumer interest in the use of plastic pallets in the US because of their performance qualities.  They are resistant to contamination caused by bacteria and other pathogens and can be cleaned easily.  Plastic pallets are also seen as being environmentally friendly, as they can be recycled once they have reached the end of their life span.”

The new pallet measurements are 1220 mm (L) x 1020 mm (W) x 150 mm (H) and the pallet is available with 3 or 6 runners. The default colour is black, but other colours, customisation or logos are also possible. The pallets are also available with an anti-skid deck, with or without stackable ridge. The pallet is also available in ESD version and with a fire-delaying coating.


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