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LogiMAT, the 18th International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions & Process Management, has been canceled due to an official injunction. (more…)

Why companies opt for plastic pallets!

3 reasons for using plastic pallets Anyone who transports goods or needs to store them, will usually make use of pallets. These basic-looking plateaus were designed specifically to conveniently stack...


Welcome Armin!

We would like to introduce our new colleague Armin Wienkenhoever.  Armin is 49 years young, father of 2 children and is currently living in Nordhorn.By profession, Armin is a certified plastics technician and brings...


What plastic pallets fit your industry?

Plastic pallets are increasingly used in all kinds of industries, and for good reason. Plastic pallets offer significant advantages. But not every pallet is suitable for any type of...


Pallet collars, what are the options?

You use plastic pallets for the storage and transport of your products. This is probably a conscious choice, because plastic pallets are hygienic and sturdy. Sometimes, something still goes...


The regulations surrounding (plastic) pallets

When purchasing pallets, you can choose from wooden or plastic pallets. The option of replacing wooden pallets with plastic pallets came out of the developments surrounding sustainability, cost efficiency,...