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What plastic pallets fit your industry?

Plastic pallets are increasingly used in all kinds of industries, and for good reason. Plastic pallets offer significant advantages. But not every pallet is suitable for any type of...


Pallet collars, what are the options?

You use plastic pallets for the storage and transport of your products. This is probably a conscious choice, because plastic pallets are hygienic and sturdy. Sometimes, something still goes...


The regulations surrounding (plastic) pallets

When purchasing pallets, you can choose from wooden or plastic pallets. The option of replacing wooden pallets with plastic pallets came out of the developments surrounding sustainability, cost efficiency,...


What exactly are H1 pallets?

Pallets are suitable for the transport and storage of all sorts of products. But some products have specific features that need to be taken into account in transport and...


Why choose used pallets?

When you need pallets, it is important to consider what you will use them for. What is the load, how is the transport arranged, and will the plastic pallets...