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Choosing plastic pallets is a logical one, which flows from your wish for sustainability, cost efficiency and environmental considerations. Choosing Q-PALL as your partner for this is also a logical choice, which corresponds with your need for an innovative manufacturer with its own ideas.

A company that, by managing the entire chain – production, distribution and sales – can offer you the technical and logistical conditions like no other that can also contribute to optimal business operations within your company. We have brought these together in our Orange Values.



Kunststof pallet MrQ CO2 cleanup

co2 reduction

Moving the molds instead of the pallets reduces CO2 emissions and transport costs to a minimum.

Kunststof pallet MrQ quality check

Cost savings

Save, optimize and reduce. Whether it concerns water or energy consumption, materials, CO2 emissions or waste; our company has already won a lot.

Kunststof pallets MrQ ocean cleanup

Reuse plastics

When we set up our goal was to reuse 90% of the plastic. Today 98% of the pallets are made from recycled material.


  • High quality products
  • Own R&D
  • Always nearby
  • Customization possible
  • Customer focused
  • Direct from the producer

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