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Plastic pallets

The clear advantages of Q-PALL plastic pallets have an added value through the organisation behind the product. Q-PALL is the market leader in the plastic pallet sector and regularly initiates innovative developments.

advantages of plastic pallets

    • Cost-efficient
    • Less CO2
    • Sustainable choice
    • Risk prevention

Perhaps it will cost you more money initially to buy the same number of plastic pallets as it would for wooden ones. But the choice for plastic pallets over wooden ones will eventually save you money. This is because plastic is more durable and will last longer. And isn’t saving money something that every business wants?

Less CO2
Because plastic pallets are lighter than wooden pallets, you can have a higher ‘net’ load, and so transport more goods at the same price. It will eventually mean that the amount of CO2 emissions from transporting goods will decrease. This is because more goods are transported per freight. This means that your company pays less for fuel costs for your transport of goods. This not only saves your company money, but you are also contributing to a greener world.

Apart from the usual assessment criteria, such as price and quality, the carbon footprint is becoming a more common decision parameter for clients who wish to compare products. Q-Pall also uses the results of the carbon footprint analysis as a benchmark and premise for the improvement of its products’ environmental performance. Through strict design goals for energy and material efficiency and the unique production philosophy in which products are produced as close to the client as possible, so that transport miles are minimised, Q-Pall seeks to further minimise the emission of greenhouse gasses. There are Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) documents available for all plastic pallet types.

Sustainable choice
The production of these pallets is highly sustainable, as they are produced and can then be completely recycled. Because of their durability, the pallets also have an extra-long lifespan. Wooden pallets are often treated to be weather-resistant. With plastic pallets, that is not necessary, because they can stand some hard ware. Additionally, wooden pallets have the risk that they damage products with splinters. It goes without saying that with plastic pallets, this is not the case.

Risk prevention
Wooden pallets have to be treated and repaired every once in a while to keep up the quality. Because pallets travel all around the world, there is a considerable chance vermin and bacteria end up in the wooden pallets. This is the reason many countries have set strict regulations to stop the spread of disease and bacteria through these wooden pallets. The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) has set several demands that wooden pallets have to meet. For instance, they have to be HT treated so that there are no more organisms in the wood. From January 2010 onwards, all newly approved EPAL pallets meet the set demands. This is also stated on the pallet. However, there are also many used pallets in circulation. These can also have been produced before 2010. Without extra sorting, there is no certainty in this field. This can create unfortunate situations, such as the chance that your shipment is turned back at the border. Apart from this being a hassle, it can also be very costly. With the purchase of plastic pallets, this is not the situation at all and you always have 100% certainty.

Plastic pallets and environmental awareness

When choosing pallets, you first look at what you need the pallet for and what function is required for this. You also have the choice between a wooden pallet and a plastic pallet. This choice is increasingly associated with environmentally conscious business. Corporate social responsibility is an important theme to more and more companies. What is the place of plastic pallets in this?

Carbon Footprint

The environment is an important theme. We are becoming increasingly aware of our impact on the environment and the resulting climate changes. CO2 emissions, or carbon, play an important role in this. CO2 is the most important greenhouse gas emitted by humans. The CO2 footprint or Carbon footprint is a measure for CO2 emissions through the use of fossil fuels in traffic, aviation, production of electricity, heating, etc. Many companies have had greenhouse gases as a topic for quite some time. Greenhouse gas emissions affect the climate of the earth, on land, at sea, and in the air. To get a good picture of the environmental impact of plastic pallets, it has been decided to calculate the carbon footprint of these products. To determine the carbon footprint, the carbon dioxide equivalents needed to produce a pallet, expressed in kilogrammes (kg CO2 eq.), are calculated. Most CO2 emissions result from the extraction of raw materials, transport, and the production of end products.

Carbon Footprint and Q-Pall

Q-Pall is aware of its environmental impact. After all, the future of the environment determines the future of the earth, and therefore its people. Moreover, the carbon footprint is becoming an ever more important decision parameter for companies which want to compare products, in addition to criteria such as price and quality. Of course, this also plays a role in plastic pallets. Q-Pall uses the results of the carbon footprint analysis for plastic pallets as a baseline measurement and starting point for improving the environmental performance of its products. Innovation is important, also in the development of new types of pallets. An eye for sustainability certainly plays a major role in this. Through strict design objectives for energy and material efficiency, Q-Pall wants to minimise its greenhouse gas emissions. Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) documents are available for all types of plastic pallets.

Reuse is sustainable

If CSR is an important part of your business operations, then you may opt for used pallets. Reusing pallets minimises the waste of raw materials; an important consideration for sustainable business. This makes the choice for a used plastic pallet a logical one. When you reuse plastic pallets, you have less impact on the environment. This may be something to consider with your choice for used pallets. Used pallets are available in various models and types.

productie van kunststof pallets


The key to our – and your – success is innovation and technological progress. Q-PALL has a vigorous team of experts in house who are constantly researching new products to serve existing and new markets.

Our mission is always to be on the move because ‘movement is progress’. With the aid of interdisciplinary vision, our concepts crystallise into innovative products, without losing sight of sustainability.

Medium Pallets

Medium plastic pallets for medium heavy loads make up the newest generation plastic pallets. In a pallet rack, medium plastic pallets can bear a load of 1,000 kg. The medium plastic pallet, which is moulded in one piece, combines a low weight with a high strength. This means that the user has a product which gives a better performance at a lower cost. The racking capacity is based on a fixed, evenly distributed load, in accordance with ISO Standard 8611-3. Our medium pallets are an example of our innovative vision: we always meet the latest industrial requirements while focusing on a green policy and, thus, optimising costs.


Q-PALL’s products include both return pallets and single-use plastic pallets. As a result, you can choose from a large number of types and models these days. It is important, from the economic standpoint and to ensure that the logistics process in question runs perfectly, that the right pallet is chosen for each specific application. Our range comprises more than 150 products, which are available in various sizes and colours.

Production and logistics of plastic pallets

Q-PALL is proud of the fact that it has built up a global network of reliable expert dealers. Our good relationship with our dealers guarantees that you, the client, always have the right product at your disposal. State-of-the-art machines guarantee that our pallets are of the very best quality. Because we control the whole process ourselves, we are flexible and can rapidly cater to your wishes so that your logistics process runs as smoothly as possible.