Plastic pallet 1200 x 800 | 3 runner | GREY | QPH


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Technical details

SKUBottom supportUpper deckDimensions [mm]Load capacity [kg]Weight
StaticDynamicRackingPP [kg]
QPH1208HP3R-A3 runnersopen deck1200 x 800 x 16075001750175019
Racking load conversion protocol based on 25kg bags test - link
Tolerance deviation in the size of the plastic pallet +5 / - 5 mm. Tolerance deviation in the weight of the plastic pallet +/- 5%
The load performance (static,dynamic, an racking) are determined under a evenly divided load - link

Available options

anti slip
Client specific marks

Cargo loads

SKUDefault truckJumbo truck20" HC container40" HC container